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Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

Boise Group Health Insurance

Group Health

Employer based coverage for health insurance with as little as 2 employees.  Plans can be fully insured, partially self-funded, and fully self-insured.

Boise Group Life Insurance

Group Life

Life insurance offered as an employer paid or a voluntary coverage for employees.

Boise Group Dental Insurance

Group Dental

Dental insurance covering preventive care to major services either on an employer paid basis or a voluntary basis.


Boise Group Disability Insurance

Group Disability

Paycheck protection either as a percentage of pay or a flat amount. Offered as an employer paid or voluntary benefit.


Alternate Funding Plans

Alternate Funding Plans

Boise Group Health Insurance
Idaho Group Health Insurance

Alternate Funding

Partially-self funding or self-funding can be a very advantageous way for a group to manage their healthcare assets. Gaining significant advantage in the smaller group size markets due to ACA, we offer many different plan options, funding arrangement and stop-loss carriers to accommodate the many different needs of today's' employers.

For the smaller employers we have a more "packaged plan" approach, whereas, for the larger employers we can offer many of these different pieces broken out into more of à la carte. Both of these options help the employer concentrate on cash flow and get a more hands on approach to their benefits. 

About Us

About Us

Core Employee Benefits is a full service Group Health, Life, Dental & Disability Insurance agency with over a decade of experience in the benefits industry. With a focus on many different types of plans, designs and funding arrangements we know that a one-size-all plan does not work in today's market.

A.J. Little is the President of Core Employee Benefits and he holds the prestigious Certified Employee Benefit Specialists (CEBS) designation. His passion of helping groups analyze their business and how it fits in to their benefit offerings, exemplifies the results to give employers the best value for them and their employees. 


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