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Boise Group Health Insuance

Group Health Insurance

Core Employee Benefits helps employers find health insurance options for 2 or more employees. We work with all the major carriers with fully insured to self-funded options. We help navigate all the nuances of ACA with the employer to help fund a plan that best suits the employer and employees needs.


Boise Group Dental Insurance

Group Dental Insurance

Core Employee Benefits offer group plans looking for dental coverage. These can be plans that are contributed to on an employer basis or on a voluntary basis. About half of all businesses under 50 employees offer coverage while the majority of larger business (over 90%) offer some type of coverage to their employees.


Boise Group Life Insurance

Group Life Insurance

Group Life insurance is typically purchased on a guarantee issue basis for smaller life policies as term insurance. This can be especially helpful for employees who may not qualify for life insurance elsewhere. Group life insurance can also be purchased at great savings for higher life insurance amounts as compared with individual life insurance. Core Employee Benefits can help determine what needs your company may have and shop around with the best carriers in the national to ensure you the best coverage.


Boise Group Long Term Disability

Group Long Term Disability

Long Term disability helps to replace a portion of income for an extended period of time following an accident or ongoing illness. There are many more options for long term disability and can include incentives to return to work or offer job training. Disability can help provide peace of mind to help meed the financial needs of your employee's if they incur a disability. More than 30% of Americans will incur a disabling illness or injury that would put them out of work for 3 months or more. (LIMRA 2015)


Boise Short Term Disability

Group Short Term Disability

Short Term Disability helps replace a portion of your income during the initial weeks of a disabling illness or accident. Plans can cover the first 90 days up to a year of coverage and can provide benefits the next day after an event. Benefits can be structured as a flat benefit dollar amount or as a percentage of salary.


Boise Group Vision Insurance

Group Vision Insurance

Group vision is a inexpensive option for an employee benefit. Plans can cover exams and materials or both. Americans without insurance had a much lower rate of use of regular eye care services by as much as 22% less than those with insurance.


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